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. the mislabeled products were sold in texas, oklahoma, arkansas, louisiana, and mississippi. that one is hard to believe. >>> okay. our fifth story "outfront," president obama's contradiction, has the president changed his tune on military engagement? here's what he said today to justify a possible strike on syria -- >> part of our obligation as a leader in the world is making sure that when you have a regime that is willing to use weapons that are prohibited by international norms on their own people, including children, that they're held to account. >> okay. compare that to what then senator and soon to be anti-war president barack obama said back in 2006 while touting his opposition to the iraq war -- >> i said then and believe now that saddam hussein was a ruthless dictator who craved weapons of mass destruction but posed no imminent threat to the united states. >> so, what changed the president's perspective? "outfront" tonight democratic congresswoman barbara lee and presidential historian douglas brinkley. thanks to both of you for being with us. today, guys, we saw the administration
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like texas, new mexico, pennsylvania, ken tucky, tennessee. >> reporter: look at this scene in ohio from earlier this year. the driver was stuck in her car underground until the fire department finally rescued her. today that spot has been paved over as if nothing ever happened. but it is florida's natural geology, swiss cheese-like limestone bed rock that made the statd the most sinkhole prone in the nation. not far north. >> i came over and as i was walking out here i stepped right here and my foot went down in the hole. >> reporter: while it may seem there is a sudden rash of sinkholes particularly in florida, brinkmann says it has more to do with geaography than geology. for outfront, cnn miami. >> still to come, what happened on the afternoon that 13 soldiers were shot and murdered by one of their own? tonight a moment by moment account, the first from the major nidal hasan trial. >>> how much does it cost to raise a child? we have the exact shocking dollar amount tonight. plus the photos that led to this. >> abal put that camera down. you are fired. out out. >>> you have seen
. >> sinkholes occur regularly in texas, new mexico, pennsylvania, kentucky, tennessee. a wide variety of places around the world, as well. >> reporter: look at this scene in toledo, ohio, from earlier this year. the driver was stuck in her car underground until the fire department finally rescued her. today, that spot has been paved over as if nothing ever happened. but it's florida's natural geology, its swiss cheese bed rom that's made the sink the most sinkhole prone in the nation. just this year alone, this week's collapse at a timeshare near orlando and not par north -- >> i came over and as i was walking out here, i stepped right here and my foot went down in the hole. >> reporter: while it may seem there's a sudden rash of sy sinkholes, it has more to do with geology than geography. >> sitting on a sinkhole. >>> still to come, what happened on the afternoon that 13 soldiers were shot and murdered by one of their own? tonight, a moment by moment account. but first, from the trial of major nidal hasan. >>> and how did hannah anderson not know her mother and brothered were murdered by her o
nearly four years ago in texas. he wounded 32 more. he went on his rampage three weeks before he was scheduled to deploy to afghanistan, walking into a troop processing center, shooting unarmed soldiers and officers. he says he did it for allah. he admits all this, but he legally cannot plead guilty. to today on day one of his court-martial, acting in his own defense, he made a case for the prosecution. that only begins to cover the strangeness of these proceedings. as to how traumatizing it will be, he will be questioning some of the people he himself shot. on top of that, he still is pulling down a paycheck from the army. he's earned hundreds of thousands of dollars while awaiting trial. but first, ed lavindara is covering the court-martial. ed, what was it like? >> reporter: in many ways, it was intention. many people were waiting to see how he was going to behave. but it was the prosecutor that went through the steps that major hasan took in this massacre. it was very powerful and poignant at times, the prosecutor talking about the screams of a pregnant victim who was dying,
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that stretched across texas, mississippi, alabama and georgia. david mattingly is "out front" on this story. hi, david. what did investigators find? >> well, first of all, they found 367 dogs. over 100 of them just in one single location. they have arrested ten men, seven of them came from the state of alabama. but this goes beyond just fighting dogs and the atrocities involved in that. they're looking at what they seized here in terms of money. they seized a half million dollars in this raid on friday that shows you just what big money is being had at these dogfighting operations. now, they also believe that some of these defendants may have been gambling as much as $200,000 on a single dogfight. again, showing you what kind of money was involved in these operations so doing much further than just dogfighting. they're also looking at illegal gambling operations and what sort of organizations might be out there associated with this. >> that is big money. what will happen to these dogs? >> well, right now, they're in emergency shelters. they're being cared for. they're getting medical treatment,
of 13 counts of murderer and 32 counts of attempted murder in a shooting rampage in fort hood texas. hasan said nothing as the decision was read. the verdict goes to an army general who will get to decide whether to accept the sentence but it requires approval from the president. as we reported the military has not carried out a capital punishment since 1961. >>> florida prosecutors were not able to convict george zimmerman but made an example of his wife today. shelly zimmerman pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for perjury for lying to a judge about being poor when it turns out the couple had about $135,000 at the time. she avoided potential prison time. instead she will get probation for one year and will have to pay court costs. this comes a day after her husband's legal team said they will ask the state to cover as much as $300,000 in legal expenses after he was acquitted in the murderer of trayvon martin. >>> in russia authorities have ceased a painting which shows vladimir putin in lingerie. it is against the law in russia to insult politicians. here is where we are stump
at md anderson medical center in texas and is in quote great shape. biden was admitted to the world renowned cancer facility after feeling weak and disoriented after a family vacation. >>> judge judy is the highest paid star on television, she takes home $47 million a year. >> appreciate it, susan. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. >>> we ran out of time for the "ridicu-list." before we go, the memorial fund
, texas. because he is representing himself, he is also now cross examining his own victims. ed lavendera is "outfront." >> reporter: dress in the an army combat uniform and an american flag decorating his sleeve, majored in nadal hasan. the evidence will clearly show i am the shooter, he declared in opening statements. prosecutors are fighting for the death penalty but major hasan is on his own war. he is on a mission to justify killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others in the horrific ft. hood massacre four years ago. hasan went on to say i was on the wrong side and i switched sides. prosecutors say hasan felt a jihad duty to kill as many soldiers as possible, that he was targeting soldiers preparing to deploy to fight war in afghanistan. heavy security is in place for major hasan's court martial. it block by sand baskets. he has flown in by helicopter from the nearby county jail where he is being held. he is acting as his own attorney and will likely question his own victims as the trial continues. >> i got shot twice in the lower back. >> 41-year-old christopher royal is one
. >>> i want to bring in now texas senator rand paul. he has a new book called "government bullies, how everyday americans are being harassed and abused and imprisoned by the feds." senator rand paul, thank you so much. >> glad to be with you, erin. >> you just heard barbara starr talking about, now reporting they clearly say there were interrucepted communications th helped stop a possible plot on u.s. embassies. does that make the nsa surveillance program worth it? >> the thing is, i don't think there's been any evidence that anything intercepted from the program of spying or collecting american data has ever uniquely been used to stop any terrorism. you know, they had a discussion with senator leahy and the committee and they talked about 50 plots and then it got down to 15 and 4 and 1. >> how many had been explicitly stopped. >> i'm not against tapping phones of people you suspect to be terrorists. all i'm for is calling a judge first. i'm not for looking at all american's records, but if an american is involved, call a judge. it's not that hard to get a twarnt. we fought a revoluti
for drone permits across the country from police departments in miami-dade and houston, texas, to the ohio department of transportation. >> we're looking at a future where, you know, police departments could deploy dozens of even hundreds of these flying robotic video cameras. >> reporter: they can do constant surveillance on 25 square mile areas and could be soon married to drones so inexpensive even small towns could afford them. how's this any different from a police car following behind me or an officer standing outside my house? >> there's a police officer who can see you. you can see them, right? what you don't know is if there's a camera up in the clouds following you everywhere you go. >> reporter: even those who support the technology say there have to be ways for the public to hold their local government accountable. >> which police officer was operating the system? where was the camera pointed when the drone was flying? what was it looking at? where was it located? >> reporter: money and budgets used to be a natural limit to local surveillance. towns could only afford so many co
. the mining company texas brine is working to mitigate the problem which you includes natural gas bubbling up. about 150 homes in the area have been evacuated. one resident told our ed lavandera, he thinks all the property around there will be worthless. >> reporter: are you worried about what it means long term? >> yes, yes. [ inaudible ] i'm retired, that's all i got coming in. >> reporter: while louisiana folks are dealing withes massive man made sinkholes natural sinkholes continue opening up in florida this time in ocala, north of orlando, people living around a five-acre lake say they watched it disappear in the matter of a few hours. while it seems there's been an increase in sinkholes lately in florida, experts say there's no scientific evidence to prove it. for "outfront," john zarella, cnn, miami. >> that video just absolutely incredible. >>> and now, "money and power" tonight. trading hall -- trading on the nasdaq was halted for three hours this afternoon. it was a technical glitch that they blamed, but the nasdaq is a big deal, apple, google, microsoft all trade there. the problem
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)